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Battiadae Dynasty


In Greek history, the Battiadae are descendants of Battus, the founder of Cyrene, who became the ruling dynasty of Cyrenaica until 440 BC. The kings of the family were:Battus I (c. 630–600 BC)Arcesilaus I (c. 600–583 BC)Battus II (c. 583–560 BC)Arcesilaus II (c. 560–550 BC)Battus III (c. 550–530 BC)Arcesilaus III (c. 530–515 BC)Battus IV (c. 515–465 BC)Arcesilaus IV (c. 465–440 BC)A famous descendant of Battus and thus one of the Battiadae was Callimachus, the Greek poet and the best known member of the Neoteroi.


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